How To Booking

1.Please choose the cruise type

◆ The Winter Cruises

The winter cruising into the northern Nemuro Strait with sea ice, wintering Steller’s sea eagles and White-tailed eagles (usually, fed by the tour boats). February through March (if sea ice remains, even till mid April).

Also, it including other winter sea birds, as well as some cetaceans, and pinnipeds (Spotted seals and Ribbon seals, usually March through early in April. It depends on the sea ice condition).

Fee Departure time
The Winter Cruise A
(about 1hour cruising)
¥4,000 (1)Around 1:00pm
The Winter Cruise B
(about 2.5hour cruising)
¥10,000 (1)Around sun rise
(2)Around 9:00am

*The fees are including tax.
*Children fee (age 3 to 12) is the half of an adult fee.

** The animals we watch are wild, therefore we cannot guarantee sighting on 100% of our cruises.

◆ The Summer Cruises: Whale & Sea Birds Watching

About a 2.5-hour cruises just bound to off Rausu for mainly search for cetaceans.

They occur seasonally different; Orcas, Dall’s porpoises, and Minke whales around April through June; Baird's beaked whales, Dall’s porpoises,Minke whales in May through July; Dall’s porpoises, Sperm whales, Baird's beaked whales, and others June through September; sperm whales, Baird's beaked whales, Dall’s porpoises, and Pacific white-sided dolphins August through October.

Also, numerous Shearwaters feeding around May through July; Auklets and Murrelets in March-April; Northern fulmars and Skuas July through September; Hornbilled puffins May through October. Occasionally, Short-tailed, Laysan and Black-footed albatrosses.

The most of our tours in May through October are the whale & sea birds watching trips.

Fee Departure time
The Summer Cruise :
Whale & Sea Birds Watching
(adout 2.5hour cruising)
¥8,000 (1)Around 9:00am
(2)Around 1:00pm

*The fee is including tax.
*Children fee (age 3 to 12) is the half of an adult fee.
** The animals we watch are wild, therefore we cannot guarantee sighting on 100% of our cruises.

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Sperm Whale



Baid’s beaked Whale

Minke Whale


Dall's Porpoise

Killer Whale


Animal Encounter Rate Calendar Best season Shoulder season  

2. Please Book The Tour in Advance

Please fill all needed eight down below, and send to us.

Then, we’ll send you the answer or confirmation e-mail.

1. The booking date

2. The cruise type

3. Departure time

4. Your name in full

5. Your address (postal mail address including the country name)

6. Your mobile phone number in full

7. Total number of the passengers in your party (please state how many adults and children are in your party)

8. Please fill the name, phone number and location of your accommodation on pre-booking date in Japan.(This is an important information to us, to be certain about your local contact details, so that,we may be able to let you know about our latest cruise schedule [ex. Cancellation due poor sea/weather condition, or, less the minimum needed passengers on the day] in advance)

*Please contact us if you do not receive our reply within 3 days.

3. The registration will be held at our office

On your cruise departure day, please come to our office at least 30 minutes before the departure time (ex. 8:00-8:30am for the 9:00am cruises, 12:00-12:30 for the 1:00pm cruises).

We may ask you to be kindly fill the passenger registration form: Your name in full, your home address and phone number in case of the incidents emergency.

Please pay your cruise fee at the office in advance.

We accept JPN YEN cash only. Thank you for your co-operation!

4. Prep. The Registration Form Saves Your Time!

Please fill the passenger registration form in advance, print it out, then, submit it to us at the office (Shiretoko Nature Cruises, LTD., 27-1 Hon-cho, Rausu-cho,Menashi-gun Hokkaido, Japan) on your booking day. This procedure helps you to reduce your time for the registration about a half!

We especially encourage you to prepare the registration form in advance for the winter cruises, to avoid get your fingers chil.

5.After the registration,

Please see the map to our office
MAPCODE: 757 353 826