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Cruise Guide

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Whale, Dolphin & Bird Watching


Whale, Dolphin & Bird Watching

Late April to Mid-October

Watch sperm whales, killer whales, dolphins, and shearwaters up close!

Sperm whales blow out water and powerfully flip the tail. Dolphins and killer whales swim gorgeously. Large groups of shearwaters fly over. What makes these sceneries more dynamic is the view of the Shiretoko Mountain Range and Kunashir Island (one of the Northern Territories) on the opposite shore. You and the staff will be cruising as looking for whales and birds. On finding animals, the staff announces on speaker and explain about their ecology, characteristics and behaviors. Here exists the real nature that you have never experienced. Your cruise will not end up in just a whale watching. It sure is a unique cruise to Rausu which lets you explore various animals. 

Cruise Plans

Whale, Dolphin & Bird Watchig

Whale, Dolphin & Bird Watchig

Cruising Time

Approx. 2 hrs 30 mins

Departure Time

Service Schedule for Summer, 2024/April 27 – October 14, 2024.
1. 9:00 AM  2. 1:00 PM

Adults Elementary School Students
8,800(tax included) 4,400(tax included) * Pre-school kids receive FREE admission
  • A discount will be applied for a group of 10 people or more.

Please Read:

  • - The minimum number of passengers needed per cruise is 5 people.
  • - If there's a seat available on the day, you can board without booking.
  • - The departure times and cruising hours may be slightly altered.
  • - We may change and limit the number of passengers depending on the sea condition.
  • - Cruises may be canceled due to the sea condition even though you have made a reservation in advance.
  • - You can make payments by cash, credit cards, or PayPay.
  • - Cancellation is basically free of charge, but please make sure to contact us once it's decided or at least the day before boarding.
  • - Please complete your check-in process at least 30 minutes before the departure time.
  • - Since what we're dealing with is nature, please understand that our guarantee to encounter animals is not 100% for sure.

Clothes and Bring List

  • - Unlike Utoro area, the temperature in Rausu is usually under 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit), and your sensory temperature will drop more on the sea. Please make sure to protect you against the cold weather by wearing a winter jacket or so.
  • - If you're worried about getting seasick, please prepare motion sickness medicine on your own because we don't have medicine.
  • - We're not responsible for any loss or damage whatsoever caused or resulting from the ship pitching, rolling, and getting splashed.


  • - Unlike large scale ships, our cruise ships may pitch and roll being affected by waves, so please watch out when walking around on the ship.
  • - There's no age limit; however, if any of your companions is an infant, aged, or pregnant, please consult us about the sea condition and decide whether to board or not.